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My name is Emily Suzanne Young and I’m a writer and artist based in Loughborough, UK. My passion is in getting young people reading and writing—I was a secondary school English teacher, once upon a time!

For the past two years, I’ve been working with indie publishers like Wordsmith_HQ and as copyeditor and proofreader for The Loughborough Pen; now I want to bring together all of my experiences to finally bring a long-held dream to life.

Since completing my Master’s degree in Creative Writing in 2017, I’ve wanted to publish for children and young readers. These are the books that speak to me and connect with my soul (not to be dramatic, or anything…) and so I’m following my heart to bring more of these wonderful stories to the world.

I am dedicated to working with writers every step of the way and making sure that they hold that perfect book in their hands.

I can’t wait to share my first book with you all!

Until next time,