The C&Y Pledge

Hello! It’s Emily again!

As a new publishing press, I understand that there’s a lot to consider before sending in your manuscript - it’s a huge risk for any author to send their work out into the world, especially in the hands of an unknown.

So, I wanted to give my pledge to you and to share some of my experiences outside of Cuthbert & Young that should give you an idea of my background and inspire confidence!

This isn’t my first rodeo!

While working with Wordsmith_HQ, I have led the charge on different types of publications, including poetry pamphlets, short story anthologies, and more. I’ve worked closely with writers to edit their precious words, designed cover art, formatted each page—you might say that they were my babies, too!

Here are just a few examples of the work I’ve done to bring their publications to life:


I work with writers from all backgrounds to improve their work.

From proofreading PhD theses and academic journal articles with The Loughborough Pen, to helping creative writers via my freelance profile on Fiverr, I’ve had 5 star feedback around the board!

Emily did a very good job. She delivered exactly what I was hoping for: grammatical corrections, comments, suggestions for improvements and much more.
— Andy P., creative writer.
Your eye for editing is fantastic!
— Alexis B., creative writer.
I read [the student’s] thesis and it reads beautifully. Thank you so much for your help [...] You’re truly gifted with the pen… or is it keyboard in the 21st century?
— Justine Wood, Lecturer
I am extremely impressed with the speed of delivery from Emily [...] she did a thorough review of the manuscript. Quite frankly, I do not intend to switch to another proof-reader in the near future.
— Gordon Dugle, Research Student

I teach workshops on writing for children and young adults!

Once upon a time, I was a high school English teacher, though now I mainly work with adults to teach them creative writing. Most recently was a workshop at Nottingham Writers’ Studio called ‘Introduction to Children’s Fiction’!

Just wanted to say thank you for the ‘Introduction to Children’s Writing’ course you delivered [...] I really enjoyed it and found it very useful.
— Emily W., creative writer
Very responsive and encouraging and adapted to our comments.
— Aiden P., creative writer